Saturday, March 26, 2011

WIP for today...

I started this quilt forever ago, and have decided to get it done this weekend! My motivation is to be able to bring it to the March meeting for the Las Vegas Modern Quilt Guild. The material and pattern are by Valori Wells Designs. I just fell in love with the quilt when I saw it in a quilting magazine and had to have it! Now that my semester/job/class I'm teaching is caught up; it's me time. Trying to stretch this out to take a picture was not easy, so please disregard the lumps.
I am doing a basic straight line quilting as suggested by Valori Wells, and it is coming out great! Here is a close up of the stitching and material.

I am using a neutral thread for the top and a purple thread for the bottom since I picked a dark fabric for the backing. Thanks to one of the very helpful women at Quiltique, I found this great dark purple fabric for the back, and a silk blend purple for the binding (not there yet).
Please disregard the fuzzies from the batting. : ) I just love how there are leaves and vines on this material to round out the botanical feel of the whole quilt. Here is the cover from the pattern, and what I consider the top of the puzzle box so I know what it is supposed to look like.
Wish me luck!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Oh dearest Spring...

Where did you go?
I was so looking forward to spending time in your sunshine and warmth. Please come back soon.

Mi Familia...

So I figured I should introduce my family before we go too far down the road of quilts and all other things. I have decided to start with the smallest and work my way to the biggest of my family members, so to start things off, here is my bunny. This was when he was just about 4 weeks old.

We adopted him back in February of 2010 and he has been an awesome addition to our home ever since. He stays in a large cage while we are gone and gets free run of the back patio when we come home. He is litter box trained (filled with Yesterday's News pellets and hay), and for the most part doesn't make too big of a mess. Here is a recent picture of him that is much fancier since I took and enhanced it with my iPhone.
His original name was Picasso (my husband is an artist) but his name has come to be known as Boolah or Boobalah depending on the mood. Other names known to have been used are: furry butt, poopy butt, fuzz butt, and destroyer of all things sea grass or wicker. He is a doll and my husband is in love with him.

Next is my (step)daughter Maitland. I say daughter only because I have no children of my own (never wanted any) and she is the closest to the daughter I imagined I would have had if I had made the decision to be a mother. She even look just like me when I was her age, it is amazing. She is so much like my husband (in the good ways and the bad) and she is creative, smart, funny, and caring. I just love her to pieces. She is 7 years old, but quick as a whip! I am teaching her how to sew and just got her a little Brother machine to practice on. She actually sews pretty straight lines, and is stuck to me like glue when I am quilting. (Hmmm, another budding quilter maybe?)
Last, but certainly not least is my husband, Robby (or Puppy as I refer to him). He is the most charming, romantic, funny, caring, and true spirit that I could of ever had hoped to be paired with in this life. He is a fantastic artist and being an artist is why we met and feel in love. I had bought one of his paintings at First Friday and when he came to hang it at my apartment, we were connected instantly.I couldn't imagine sharing my life with anyone else. He is my soul-mate and the reason that I understand love songs now.
Here is a picture of him by one of his recent pieces.
Yes, they are not small.

Well, that is my family and they all support my quilting, so you will most likely see them in some of my photos from time to time. caio.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

First time to post...

I never thought that I would blog about my quilting, but it seems that I am missing out. So, here it is. In my first few posts it will be "catch up" since I have been quilting for about a year or so and haven't posted anything I've done. The first quilt I made was a kit purchased by Quiltique, here in Las Vegas, NV. It was for my stepdaughter and for my first try, it turned out pretty decent. Most importantly she loves it! Here are a couple of pictures of her quilt. The kit was Soda Pop, featuring the Jitterbug collection from Andover Fabrics, designed by Cosmo Cricket. The quilt was designed by Cherri House.

My fabric selections are now heading much more to the modern side of quilting, but again, this was my first one. My second quilt was a baby quilt that I am trying to track down pictures of. I am self-taught through the web, Quiltique, and books. It has been quite a learning process, but now I know what to do with my sewing skills and all the fabric that I have collected over the years. Thanks for reading; I promise I will get better at this.