Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Newest Family Member

This is our new kitty we picked up on Friday. Her name is Griffin (a.k.a Kitty Griffin) after the comedian Kathy Griffin who we love. She is supposedly Siamese but I think she is a blend of Siamese and Ragdoll. She is a complete love and she already sleeps with us! I am sure in due time there will be pictures of her on quilts; if I can ever get one finished.
Top Left: Her sleeping on the way home, Top Right: Her trying to attack my IPhone camera, Bottom Left: Kitty Burrito, Bottom Right: Her Glamour Shots pose.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Single Girl Part Tres...

Well, here we are again with curves and curves and more curves. this quilt has more curves than I do! So I finished the first two of many blocks and they came out pretty alright! I had a few tiny puckers but nothing major and for my first quilt with curved pieces, I am really not going to make a fuss about it. Thankfully my sewing of clothing came in handy and I tried to remember all the tricks for sewing curved pieces of fabric together, but there is ALOT of pinning and massaging going on. It take a long time to prepare the piece(s) for sewing but once they are together the sewing takes a mere seconds to do. Kind of like Disneyland; you wait in line for hours and the ride is only a few minutes long. Here is a pic of the first block:

I am bound and determined to work on this more today, but between schoolwork, work-work, and my grading papers, not sure how much I will get done. I will keep posting as I go though; for those that are following along.

It's a Mod, Mod, World...

So at the last meeting of the Las Vegas Modern Quilt Guild, we were blessed with a tutorial by Cola on how to do the Mod Mosaic Pillows that she had made. While her efforts were great in helping us get started, I had a bit of a creative meltdown from the beginning. I am so used to following a pattern or sticking to exact measurements, that I found it difficult just to 'let go' and do something without a plan per se. Cola helped me gather some fabics, since I had not come prepared with scraps for the project, and here are the selections we came up with.
Some of them are from Michael Miller's Sweet Meadow collection and I believe the others are from Poppy Parade. It started out pretty alright, but I have decided to leave it for now until I at least finish a few more sections of my Single Girl Quilt. Here is what I have so far, and I am really working hard on just 'going with the flow' and not being too concerned about being meticulous with my cutting and measuring.
For further ideas you can check out the Mod Mosaic on Flickr. My husband is just wondering when I will actually FINISH one project. Back to sewing.