Monday, October 14, 2013

Gone, but back again!

So I have been "away" but I am back now (well, to a point). Many things happening, but in a nutshell...I am moving to Idaho next year and finishing my counseling degree. I have started a new blog for city slickers who want to be homesteaders/new counselors starting in the field.

My dream room will face the lake, have plenty of windows and all the room I need to quilt as well as run quilt therapy groups. I will keep you all posted, and hope to get some of these WIPs done before I leave!

Take care,


  1. Hey Dew! Yes, we are! Crazy, right? We are moving arund May of next year and I am going there this next week to scope it out and interview. Looks like I will have a job/internship with a Community Counseling center up there. We are moving toward the panhandle area (my work with be only 30 minutes from Canada!). I will have to fill you in.