Sunday, March 20, 2011

First time to post...

I never thought that I would blog about my quilting, but it seems that I am missing out. So, here it is. In my first few posts it will be "catch up" since I have been quilting for about a year or so and haven't posted anything I've done. The first quilt I made was a kit purchased by Quiltique, here in Las Vegas, NV. It was for my stepdaughter and for my first try, it turned out pretty decent. Most importantly she loves it! Here are a couple of pictures of her quilt. The kit was Soda Pop, featuring the Jitterbug collection from Andover Fabrics, designed by Cosmo Cricket. The quilt was designed by Cherri House.

My fabric selections are now heading much more to the modern side of quilting, but again, this was my first one. My second quilt was a baby quilt that I am trying to track down pictures of. I am self-taught through the web, Quiltique, and books. It has been quite a learning process, but now I know what to do with my sewing skills and all the fabric that I have collected over the years. Thanks for reading; I promise I will get better at this.


  1. Hello,this is a good start to your blog! I'm not sure if Quiltique has wireless...Andrea uses her iPad all the time, but she may be running it through her phone provider. You can call if you have a question, maybe I can help?? Vic....358-2794

  2. I am so glad you are going to join us in the modern quilting adventure!