Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Newest Family Member

This is our new kitty we picked up on Friday. Her name is Griffin (a.k.a Kitty Griffin) after the comedian Kathy Griffin who we love. She is supposedly Siamese but I think she is a blend of Siamese and Ragdoll. She is a complete love and she already sleeps with us! I am sure in due time there will be pictures of her on quilts; if I can ever get one finished.
Top Left: Her sleeping on the way home, Top Right: Her trying to attack my IPhone camera, Bottom Left: Kitty Burrito, Bottom Right: Her Glamour Shots pose.


  1. What a doll she is. What a wonderful combination she is. I knew one Ragdoll kitty and she was a love. Always wanted to be with you. How fun.

  2. What a sweetie face! There is nothing cuter than a kitten!