Saturday, October 8, 2011

Oh Finally...

I have been so very busy the last month or so. Work, teaching, taking classes, etc. Recently I just gave a presentation to my freshmen class about time management and "how to eat an elephant -- one bite at a time." Well, I feel like I am eating my elephant on a buffet line with chopsticks (and I am pretty good with chopsticks). For every twenty bites, I was actually only getting 5 bites of food in my mouth and feeling like there was a line of people waiting to get at what I was trying to eat. So, I have decided to step off the buffet line this weekend and take some time from "eating". Since I have a numerous amount of W.I.P. projects to chose from, I decided to take my winter version single girl off the staircase railing and attack it with some river rock motif. Now, I have to say, that while I have been practicing on some quilting sandwiches, I was so nervous to get this started.
Here is my first attempt at free motion river rocks. For me, it is not an option for someone else to quilt my work, as I want to be able to look back or give it as a gift knowing that I have created the whole thing. Granted I am not designing my own patterns (yet!), but at least I know that every stitch was done by me. However, there is a higher level of frustration by quilting your own projects..which is why I am blogging after a shot of tequila instead of still working on my river rocks.

Here is another view.

I am really hoping to get some more quilting done in between my other responsibilities. There are two baby quilts waiting for me too...ugh. It will be so nice when all I have is "work" and my quilting. I say "work" because I know once I am doing full-time therapy it won't be work for me, but where I belong. Back to my single girl.


  1. That quilting looks really good. I ish I had the talent and confidence to try that, but I can hardly draw a stick figure and my FMQ was a mess. But I know I will get the hang of it someday.
    Great job and good luck with your therapy.

  2. And I meant to tell you that I found your bog just today from the SewExtreme blog and I am your newest follower!

  3. I love the river rocks!!! Actually, I love the whole thing... :) Hope to see you at the next meeting!

  4. Those rocks are challenging! Keep at it....