Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hello Again...

It has been quite some time since I posted but I have been crazy busy! Doing what? Well, trying to get hours for my counseling program, teaching, attending classes, and working (my normal job). So, in between (here and there) I have tried to find time to quilt for my sanity's sake. For those of you who are keeping track, I have been working on the "wedding" quilt and the yo quilt. I say "wedding" because it was supposed to go to my husband's brother and his wife; unfortunately that union has already met it's end, so we have decided to keep it and give it a good home. It is pieced together, pinned and ready to be quilted, which will be done by hand when I have the time.
This was a pattern from one of my numerous quilt magazines. While it is more of a traditional pattern, it just called out to me when I saw it and I hadn't messed with triangles, I figured....why not?
Another quilt that I almost have ready to be layered and quilted, is the the yo quilt. At this point I have all the 406 yos pinned on and now I just have to sew them all on by hand. (Heh.)
This again was a pattern from a quilt magazine that I feel in love with. The colors are not usually what I would gravitate towards, but it reminded me of the sea and all the beautiful colored coral, sea creatures and fish way done in the darkness. It is bright, out there, and hopefully will bring smiles when used by the family. The teal batik I found was just perfect, that I have decided to buy the same for the back. What better feeling then to be wrapped in the sea, being kissed by multicolored starfish?

And now, to introduce the newest member of the family....
I realize it is just an ironing board and not a living thing, but "she" spoke to me and I HAD to have her! My husband and I went to an antique shop to find some bottles for his upcoming art show, and I went wondering upstairs where I saw her hidden behind a wooden sled and an odd painting. She is said to be from 1922, and all the metal, chain, and wood is in fabulous condition! Now, let me back up and explain my love/hate relationship with ironing boards. I was forced to iron as a child and I couldn't stand it! I swore when I grew up and moved out, that I would never iron again! Shortly after I moved out, I bought a Conair steamer that has been with me ever since. Once I started quilting, well, I had to buy an iron and a board. I have gone through about 3 boards (one new from Target, one new from Bed, Bath and Beyond, and one that I made). Nothing was what I wanted to work on and the new ones were made so cheap and rickety. I had given up on finding my ironing board match, and bought a tiny portable table-top board at Salvation Army. Now, I have her! She is the right height, solid wood and construction, beautiful design, and was just waiting to be picked up and have a purpose once again. My plan is to lightly sand, add some danish oil and wax, and cover the top with some lovely batting and a favorite fabric. I can't wait! I plan to have her up and running by this weekend and I will post her post-op picture when I am done!

Finally, I also was able to rearrange my fabrics into something a little easier to see in one glance. Instead of arranging them into red, orange, yellow, etc.; I decided to arrange them with other fabrics that went along with them in color or pattern. This way, I can keep collecting and adding to the different piles until I have enough to make a quilt with. However, this adventure was not done alone....Griffyn was more than happy to oblige with the organization process.
Doesn't she look right at home in my scraps? I just concluded that she was helping them from flying away from the air conditioner vent. (Heh). So we worked all afternoon and got it all done in time for lunch. While putting it all away, a few fabrics came together unexpectantly that will be the next quilt (TBA). So I have been able to squeeze quite a bit in between everything else, although I got a little behind in my work and school assignments, it was worth having my creative outlet. So, that is up to date on where I have been and now it's time to....
Take a nap.


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  1. oh my yo-yos! That looks like a crazy amount of work!

    I'm sure you'll make your new ironing board look amazing. I never ironed anything before I started sewing. I'm not sure if I'll ever move to a full size ironing board... I just have the mini one that I drag around. When I have a million tiny pieces to iron I just plop it down in front of the tv!

    btw - your cat is adorable!

    See you on Thursday! :)