Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ooo, it was like Christmas this week!!!

Well it started with receiving my quilt labels in the mail the other day, and they turned out fantastic! They read, "Quilt made by Mary "Bunny""

They have six different colors, in Fuchsia, Teal, Purple, Orange sherbert, Grey and Lime. Here is a pic with them attached and printed on a yard of fabric. The colors are so vibrant, and they were printed so fabulously. Again, it was Spoonflower that printed them and the cost was $18 plus shipping. So easy!
I opted to cut them out with scissors as opposed to the rotary cutter and ruler method. You can either put them on with fusing, or sew them down on the edges. I may even have enough of a border to sew on some fabric along the edge and just applique them on at some point. The original tutorial by Jaybird suggested to leave a 1/4" margin around each one to have room to fold them under, but I had a difficult time as it was just getting them designed at all! Thanks to one of my budding Marketing students at the college, Annie, she helped me get my design into print.
 I cannot imagine that I will actually get to use all of these; that would be a lot of quilts! I will probably have to order more labels due to changing my blog address or something before getting through them all. Hopefully, I will have one quilt done soon so I can put one on. The blank space allows for me to write in the title of the quilt and when it was made. The first one will go on my Valori Wells Quilt that I hope to have done this weekend. ; )

My second gift this week, was my beautiful Echino-Extra Wide-Madrigal-Oxblood fabric! This has to be some of the most gorgeous fabric I have ever seen, and when I saw it on Judith's Needles and Lemons blog who was using it for the back of a quilt, I just knew I had to have it!

So here it is in all 6 yards of glory! I plan on making this the whole quilt top and embellishing it with Perle 8 cotton in different colors, some beads, and sequins. I plan on outlining the flowers and highlighting the print all together. Then I will use the thickest batting and tie it. I can't wait to start on it.

Isn't it just dreamy?! It will take quite some time to decorate it, but it just seems to be calling for some nice hand embroidery and a little sparkle. The fuchsia buds on the vine will be in a matching floss done with French Knots, and the birds will have some sequins along the back. Not sure how much of the big blue flowers I will do, but it will work itself out I'm sure. I will keep you all posted with the progress.

And if that wasn't enough...I also received by Perle 8 cotton for the Single girl quilt! It is a wonderful steel blue color, #932 I believe, and it will be used in the pattern given by Denise Schmidt for the quilt. I was going to go with a dark grey, but I thought, hey what the heck--it doesn't have to match! I decided to pick up the blues in the yellow circles as opposed to going with the obvious grey or yellow options.
I love that they gave it to me in the box. It was like opening up a box of chocolates (I refrained from licking them), but it was so hard not to. So many projects, so many presents, and a whole weekend to do them. Woo-hoo!!

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