Saturday, June 18, 2011

Blooming and Napping...

My husband and I made a trip out to Zion, Utah as we are known to do every once in awhile; just to get away. While we were there we noticed how "green" everything was and against the desert landscape, sandwiched in between brown dirt with rocks and the occasional green patches of native plants, was the most vibrant pink poking its head out to be seen. We just had to pull over and take pictures of it.

Aren't they just amazing?! The only 'color' out there was this (there were a few very tiny little lavender and yellow meadow flowers too), but these just screamed out! It was a wonderful day of walking, talking, great fish tacos, coffee, and just enjoying nature with no city lights or large buildings. We drove back later that evening and confirmed further that we need to move somewhere out of the main city at some point. School first, then moving.

As far as our newest family member, she has a few things down very very well: (1) crouching by the bottom step of the stairwell to jump at your feet and hang around your ankle (she has quite a grip), (2) jumping (as opposed to clawing) her way up to the top of furniture, (3) she can scratch and/or bite through at least two layers of skin in less than 2 seconds (you actually don't even know it has happened until you start bleeding), and lastly, (4) napping. I have left out things like eating, pooping and meowing for the obvious reasons. As like children, she is most angelic while she is sleeping...

She is just hysterical. Her sleeping positions would make me wake up in a giant knot and not being able to move for at least an hour. My husband recently made a video of her sleeping with her paws over her eyes, and as he lifted up her paw you could see her eyes closed, then the paw would just go back into position. Here is a still of the video. I have to find a way to put this on my blog border.
On that note, goodnight and I am off to quilt.

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  1. That flower is a quilt waiting to happen. Just beautiful. Your kitty is adorable. Can't wait to see your labels. Will you bring them to the meeting on the 30th?